Friday, April 24, 2009

Glamourkill Magazine

I started adding new clothing to my one of a kind section. I mean some of this stuff has been hanging around my clothing rack for MONTHS. Im such a sloth.

I got some of the photos back from the feature in GLAMOURKILL MAGAZINE. They're hot. A few can be found at my MM and myspace, but they're scattered all over the place really and I dont feel like organizing them yet. I'll post my favorite one here though! The magazine is due out in May so I'll slap a post on here when it's available!

I have a shoot coming up with MOSH (LA) in the next two weeks and another one with Sparkle Pixie. (Toronto)

As far as local shoots go, I have one on May 4th with Twilight Images, Sheena, and Gioia. I found Gioia on myspace (mmm tall, thin, and forgein!) and insisted that she make a MM and model for me. Turns out her brother Ian is an old friend of mine. The world is too small. Sheena is a friend of Melody from Twilight images. I also found Sheena on myspace (I lurk, ok?) and consequently met Melody through Sheena. Sheena is a gorgeous, voluptous blonde who looks like the lovechild of Drew Barrymore & Kate Hudson. Two of my favorite blonde actresses!

Twilight images puts out a themed calendar every year. This year it's Alice in wonderland. I know what you're thinking, 'borrriiiinnngg' but taken to an entirely different level this year seeing as how Ive been chosen to do the costuming for it. We're doing high fashion Alice and start shooting in May. The first two costumes are the teacup mouse and the cheshire cat. The cat costume is especially amazing. Unfortunately we're not allowed to release the photos until after the calendar is out in November.

Well I gotta get out of here. Im potty training my 2 year old. *sigh* My fashion, glam, and photo shoot filled life is equally balanced by dirty diapers and tripping over little plastic toys.

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