Thursday, March 13, 2014

Why my clothes are like, soooo overpriced!

I got a message a couple of weeks ago that really got under my skin. I mean, hey, it was weeks ago and I'm STLL thinking about it.

Long story short it was a very rude, ignorant, and just plain mean comment on the price of a particular shirt in my shop. In fact, I ignored her message, but she messaged me several times with further rude comments.

This is not the first time someone has poopooed the price of my clothing, but it WAS the first time someone was downright shitty about it.

I started to write her back, explaining at length what goes into the process of running a business, designing & producing one of a kind & limited edition clothing, ect. but then I was like "Naw fuck her." And so I ignored her further and she stopped messaging me eventually.

I have read a few articles written by other indie designers who have written their "Why handmade is so 'spensive" blogs so well that I'd like to share them with those of you who think handmade is like, soooo overpriced. Because I know most people just don't realize what goes into running a small business. I think if you take the time to read one or all of these blogs, you'll begin to understand. Most of us are not trying to rip you off and I can't speak for the other ladies, but I am certainly not rolling in the dough. (Unless you count baked goods)

In fact, I'll be completely transparent. Leopard and Lace only makes enough money to sustain itself. I do not make any money from this business. It is 110% a labor of true love. Do I dream of quitting my day job to do L&L full time and make enough money to buy a mercedes with front seat AND back seat butt warmers? NO DOUBT. That's every business owners dream, babe. But I digress. Please read these articles. Each one, you'll notice I discovered from the last.

What the craft: Why handmade is so expensive

Twinkie Chan's "Trader Joe's yogurt and $9 wine"

Why Buying From Emerging Fashion Designers Costs More Money (and Why That's Okay)

And for those of you tumblr-minded non readers who won't take the time to read the articles, I've provided some photos and gifs to summarize my feelings toward that ignant bitch from a few weeks back.

XO-Peace, wisdom, love, pizza, sex, beer, ect.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Are YOU a victim of Resting Bitch Face Syndrome?

I've been told many times in my 31 years that I look "intimidating" "bitchy" "scary" "unapproachable"
ALL TIME TIME my husbands asks me "What's wrong?" when I'm feeling perfectly calm or just deep in thought.

I never let that kind of stuff get to me, but it was a mystery all the same because when I look in the mirror I see Heidi, not Cruella De Vil. But whatever.

I've heard "Resting bitchy face" before, but never gave much thought to what it meant. After seeing it's definition on Instagram today, I now realize that, my whole life, I've been a victim. Shit.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Airica Michelle in The Little Mermaid Skirt

I don't know if this girl ever wears a shirt, but she's awfully cute in my Little Mermaid pencil skirt. Get yours custom made to fit you at my shop!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

New designs for the Mermaid collection

Hello everyone! I want to introduce my newest designs for Leopard and Lace. First I have The Mermaiden Bodysuit for the Mermaid collection. I decided to make this customizable to size since I love the versatile design so much. It's tight at the bottom like a bathing suit, but opens up to a shirted fit at the top. You can wear it alone or with pants or a cute bubbly skirt, tights and heels.

I also made a bolero and high waist hot shorts out of the glitter deco shell material I had left over from another design I made for the collection. This fabric is so awesome. It's a heavier weight black velvet with a starchy glitter overlay. It DOES shed glitter-Fair warning! ;) But there is so much packed on that I wouldn't worry too much about the entire design shedding away.

Please let me know what you all think of these designs and let me know if you want to see more photos :) I know the lighting could be better, but my photo lightening skills are at a minimum.


Click the photos to enlarge :)


Thursday, November 7, 2013

We'll see you at the Heavy Metal Flea Market at Strange Matter

I love vending! It gives you a chance to see and touch the clothing and accessories before you buy and it gives me a chance to meet my customers. Good stuff. Plus I love to decorate a mean vending display. On Sunday, November 17th Leopard and Lace will be at Strange Matter in Richmond for the Heavy Metal Flea Market! Its free and there is an after party and show.

Another good thing about buying L&L in person is the serious discount. Because I don't have to pay a ton of fees I knock $10-$20 off of the clothing prices. Holler!

As always, we'll have a raffle to give you a chance to walk away with something on the free tip. Cause I love ya, babe.

I couldn't find any fliers to display with the info on them, but here's the official facebook page for the event: Click here, dude.

See you there!